Restraining Orders

Do you have an ex- subjecting you to harassment, threats, or violence? Is a coworker, tenant, roommate or landlord making a bogus allegation to use the restraining order process to gain some advantage? The Karabian Law Firm provides representation for individuals in need of a restraining order and for those who are at risk of having their freedom restrained. We have the experience to identify when the restraining order process is being used in an unlawful or frivilous manner, and can present your case in a way to maximize the chance that a court will award attorney fees if the facts allow us.

The number of people seeking restraining orders has vastly increased since the Covid pandemic. Most of these cases are handled by people representing themselves or by attorneys who have little understanding of the legal requirements or standards involved. The Karabian Law Firm knows what factors and evidence actually matter, and how to present them on your behalf.

We have experience in all types of restraining orders (also known as protective orders), including:

  • Civil harassment (Code of Civil Procedure § 527.6)
  • Domestic violence (Family Code § 66200)
  • Workplace violence (CCP § 527.8)
  • School violence (CCP § 527.85)
  • Gun violence (Penal Code § 18100)
  • Juvenile dependency and delinquency (Welfare & Institutions Code § 213.5)
  • Elder abuse (WIC § 15657.03)

We also can represent you on any child support or custody/visitation matter and provide assistance with getting a temporary restraining order (TRO) or modification and renewal actions.

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