Professional Representation

Administrative actions come in many forms and exist in a system that is hard to make sense of even with an experienced lawyer. Most often, you are given almost no information, have access to fewer resources, and enjoy fewer rights than a criminal defendant. It is important that you take immediate action as soon as you have any indication an investigation has been started or an action has been taken. The Karabian Law Firm has experience with cases on the city, state, and federal level, as well as with private institutions.

We represent ordinary people, professionals, law enforcement officers, state agents, and supervisors facing actions such as:

  • Internal disciplinary investigations of any kind including workplace harassment, sexual harassment, gender and race harassment, hostile work environment, conduct unbecoming, and theft from employer (including allegations of inaccurate billing or timesheets).
  • Title IX actions associated with allegations of wrongdoing brought by a school or university. These actions may be brought by or against a student, former student, teacher, former teacher, administrator, or former administrator. Title IX actions may be based on discrimination, may apply to single-sex education programs, STEM programs, technical or career education programs, be on the basis of pregnancy, and include claims of sexual harassment and assault.
  • Skelly hearings and pre-discipline hearings. Skelly hearings are due process requirements for civil service and public sector employees. Some private companies have adopted a form of pre-discipline meeting as a safeguard to “ensure” that the proposed discipline is reasonable and supported. You are entitled to notice and specificity of the basis for any proposed discipline and an opportunity to present your case before discipline is imposed.
  • Professional license revocation hearings including driver’s, commercial operator, security or law enforcement, nursing or caregiver, cosmetology, and athletics licenses.
  • State Bar complaints.
  • Claims or appeals for veteran’s benefits, Medical/Medicare, or employer related benefits.

#metoo Representation

MeToo Movement

The #metoo movement encouraged victims of sexism, gender bias, sexual harassment, and sexual assault to bring to light acts of wrongdoing without constraint on when the alleged wrongdoing occurred.

These allegations have the potential to disrupt every aspect of an accused’s life. Just like an arrest, or any other human act, we know that some number of them are false or misrepesented. Some allegations can be easily shown to be false and/or improperly motivated, but usually not before some damage has been done to the accused.

The ability to find total vindication from a false allegation is rare and finding #metoo representation is not easy. Many law firms shy away from the bad optics of representing someone accused of past misconduct in today’s environment. Criminal law firms may have the will, but the may lack the experience in areas outside a criminal courtroom. The Karabian Law Firm does not judge and we will stand by you and attack your case no matter what you are accused of.

We are not afraid to stand by all victims of the #metoo movement of any gender or identity, and we have the experience to present a comprehensive solution. Proper #metoo representation involves a wholistic approach that takes into account what our clients are experiencing on a personal level, investigating and preparing their case, and providing representation at any hearings. If warranted, we can employ private investigators, issue cease and desist orders, and initiate defamation actions against the accuser (who isn’t usually protected by an organization simply because they work for or represent it).

MeToo Movement

Race & Gender Insensitivity

Race & Gender Insensitivity

Like those accused of #metoo allegations, you may be dealing with an extremely stressful problem for past things you may have said or done. You may concede the act occurred, but when it’s looked at through today’s social lens you are being asked to pay an unreasonable cost for behavior that was acceptable and not problematic when it was done. There is no shortage of examples of CEOs, actors and actresses, politicians, etc. who are paying dearly today for something that is alleged to have occurred a decade ago or longer.

The approach to effective representation for allegations of racism, race insensitivity, gender discrimination or other alleged wrongdoing against a defined group starts in a similar manner: address our client’s immediate needs and investigate the issue. Taking an offensive posture is an option, but the most effective approach may be producing mitigating and remedial evidence. This depends on the facts of your case.

If you are reading this, you may be a victim of an organization’s overreaction or attempt to position itself better at your expense. The number of victims affected by organizations and entities sacrificing their own to look better socially and politically is growing. Some companies are doing it simply for commercial gain. A backlash to this unjustified treatment has already begun. The Karabian Law Firm works with national non-profit organizations that can help position your case to be at the forefront of those that receive justice for the unfair treatment they have endured.

Race & Gender Insensitivity

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