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We represent people. People who are facing sudden, unexpected problems that affect them on a deeply personal level. It may be an accusation of wrongdoing at work, school, or in the home. It may be an arrest or the result of a crime perpetrated against them. It may be an accident or injury that has greatly impacted their life or the life of a loved one.

Our clients often don’t know what to expect or what their options are. They need someone trained and experienced in today’s environment to reduce their stress and get them quickly on the path to putting their problem behind them.

We stand ready to help any individual in any legal matter. Whether you are a police officer accused of misconduct, a corporate executive facing a sexual harassment allegation, a dedicated employee injured on the job, or a repeat offender charged with another offense, The Karabian Law Firm will stand by you and represent your interests to the fullest.

Ben Karabian

Principal Attorney, Founder

Benjamin Karabian - About The Karabian Law Firm

Ben Karabian

Principal Attorney, Founder

Founding Attorney Benjamin W. Karabian provides the firm with a career of experience as the lawyer on the other side.

Karabian began his legal career over 15 years ago working for a private, multi-million dollar insurance settlement fund. His first job in the public sector was with the City of Los Angeles’s Police Litigation Unit charged with defending LAPD officers sued for civil rights violations. He then worked for LA’s Airport Civil branch where he gained personal injury experience defending LAX against claims.

In 2007, Karabian became a criminal prosecutor at the Metropolitan branch. Also known as the “DUI branch”, Metro is LA’s nationally-recognized, leading DUI and vehicular-offense prosecution agency. After trying over 50 cases to jury verdict, which included high profile victims, defendants, and unique evidentiary issues, Karabian was selected to manage the day to day operations of the City’s largest criminal branch–the Central branch. Four years later, he was chosen by the City to become the Supervising Attorney of the Metropolitan branch, and returned to lead his exceptional colleagues in every aspect of the branch’s operations.

Karabian taught a generation of new attorneys how to successfully try cases both as an instructor at the City’s Academy of Justice and as a supervising prosecutor. He also taught hundreds of law enforcement officers from multiple jurisdictions through courses on DUI and traffic collision investigation, testifying in court, writing arrest and traffic collision reports, and other specific crime topics.  Karabian not only participated in task forces and sting operations, but he brought waves of new prosecutors along to show them the intricacies of criminal prosecution.

Throughout his time serving the public, Karabian obtained rare approval from the government to represent clients as a private attorney on contract, probate, administrative, and real estate matters. After more than a decade, he left the public sector to establish The Karabian Law Firm, and now provides individual clients with the unique insight and experience he gained over an extensive career as a trial attorney, instructor, and supervising prosecutor.

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